GBD Machining Offers Engineering and Machining service

Nov. 01st,  2022

GBD Machining Team offers services that others don’t, such as engineering work. Whether you need your logo on your parts, or need 3D rendering, or need design changes, or need to put the parts into production as per the hard samples. We can do the engineering work for you.

OEM metal or plastic machining service is our edge. Basically the cnc turning and milling parts in high precision with good surface finish. We respect and value what our customers are doing to build good brands for the market, and we care about the details just as our customers.

Usually when customers need one part made, our team will review the drawing and make quotation. And if there is potential issue that might occur during the manufacturing, our team will make presentation and offer proposal for consideration.

It is always good to work with nice people who offer fast response, good communication, here in our team, we have representative who has over 8 years experience in manufacturing industry, and customers love her customer service.  Send inquiry to [email protected]

Small Batch CNC Machining Service.

Oct. 08th, 2022

We understand sometimes you want to test your ideas without risking putting too much funds in it. And you might need one-off part made, or small quantities like 5 pcs or 10pcs to start. You will start searching supplier online and get some quote.  Some looks very nice and you are ready to try. And sometimes the costs is out of your budget. If you send RFQ on some platform, you will be overwhelmed by the big differences you got from these suppliers. 

We know how things work, our team’s goal is to make manufacturing process as easy as possible for you. One thing for sure is that our team is not the cheapest one,  we understand you want to go as low as possible for you,  but you get what you pay for. And we will do our best to exceed your expectation.

We helped many projects come into real life, most  of them are under NDA,  and we can’t share with you.  If you need any parts made out of any metal or plastic, we are always here to help. 


CNC Machining Parts Manufacturer Based in China

Sept. 27th, 2022
It is good to have projects/ideas in your mind, and you are excited to bring it into the market! If you need parts in premium quality yet in small batch, cnc machining will be the way to go. Manufacturing is another world, comparing with all the stores, supermarkets which are with ready to buy products for your choices. Manufacturing makes the parts, products that you will barely to think how they processed the parts.  Because functions and aesthetic are more important.  If you want to innovate the product and test your ideas, 3D printing could be a good way to test fast and make sure the design could be with good functionality. But if you want to show your clients your product premium quality, cnc machining is your choice.  
With CNC machining technology, you can make your parts out of aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, titanium, timascus, bronze, manganese, delrin, phenolic, PTFE, HDPE, PVC, acrylic etc. There are many options with different grade of the material for your choices, we will make you proposal based on your application. 

For us GBD Machining, we could help with the engineering work and the machining work. If you every need parts made in good quality, we will be a good fit for you. 

Machining good precision parts is the first step, and make good surface finish on them is another important value we can bring to our customers.  Usually, for titanium, stainless steel or aluminum, we can do plating. For aluminum, we can do fancy colors. 


CNC Machining Advantages

CNC Machining is a good way to make metal or machinable plastic materials in high precision and premium surface. Compared with 3D printing, it has it’s precision advantage.  The machining setting up time is the main cost for a machined parts, so the bigger quantity you make, the cheaper the unit price will be.

There are different machines for cnc parts manufacturing, the cnc lathe, cnc milling (include 3, 4,5 axis machines), the cnc lathe is mainly to make simple round and concentric parts. And CNC milling machines are used to make many different shapes of parts which are  much complicated.  So cnc turning parts are usually a lot cheaper than CNC milling parts.